Build your image, create your products, grow your salon.

We customize
professional products
for hair
with your brand.

To offer your customers unique and quality products that they will find exclusively in your salon.

Because you too are a brand.

We customize
professional products
for hair
with your brand.

To offer your customers unique and quality products that they will find exclusively in your salon.

Because you too are a brand.

What is missing
to your products
to be
even more


What is missing
to your products
to be
even more


Would you like to have a line of exclusive professional products
for your salon
? Products that customers can only find from you?
EasyBrand® is the service that's right for you.

Find out how to .

Would you like to have a line
di exclusive professional products for your salon? Products that customers
can they only find from you?
EasyBrand® it's the service
that's right for you.

Today you can create your own personalized line of products starting from just 3 pieces.
The initiative is reserved exclusively to hairdressing salons.

Last news

New Solar Expert products

Hair and body protection

A new line for total and effective protection against the action of UVA and UVB rays. Quick application for soft and hydrated skin.

Hair Fiber Reconstruction

The architecture of beauty

A new and innovative protocol that repairs and rebuilds the hair structure, guaranteeing visible results after the first application.

Color Endure Shampoo EVO

Color retention

The delicate cleansing action promotes the maintenance of color over time, preserving its brightness and brilliance.

Volumizing EVO shampoo

Hydro volumizing fine hair

It works thanks to an innovative system that assists the reabsorption of water molecules within the hair, restoring its natural values.

Why is it important today to have products dressed with your brand?

There are several strategies that a hairdresser can adopt to stand out from the competition, attract new customers and retain existing ones. To carve out a space in a crowded and competitive market, it is essential to have effective products, an authoritative image e communication tools at the height. Easy Brand® can give you all of this.

EasyBrand®. The easiest way to have your personalized products.

From choosing the bottle to delivering the finished product directly to your salon. Discover all the stages of a fast, tested and efficient service that will make your business take a leap in quality.

We put the products you choose the image. Simple, isn't it?

All types of packaging can be customized with standard graphics at your disposal, with the graphics you already own or with one specially designed for you by our creative team. From naming to logo to graphics: everything is included in the price of your order. Find out how to customize your products.

More than 300 references available and possibility to choose between different packaging solutions.

The products available with Easy Brand® give you a wide choice of commonly requested references. All products are already filled in their respective containers and anonymously available in stock, ready to be customized with your graphics. Discover the range of products and packaging at your disposal.

The product range is in constant updating, both for the type of product and for the packaging. To respond to the requests of an ever wider and more demanding target. 

Here are the latest updates.

Healthy care Shampoo EVO

fall prevention

Treatment that carries out a delicate sanitizing action on the scalp, leaving hair full-bodied and vital.

After shave serum

Soothing serum

For deep hydration combined with an effective calming and anti-redness action. Suitable for all skin types.

shaving cream

professional shaving

Highly concentrated hi-tech formula with a rich and soft consistency, for a perfect shave and smooth, soft skin.


of your curls

Eliminates frizz and protects from external agents (humidity, smog, mechanical stress) with guaranteed, immediate and long-lasting results.

Studio Design

Multifunctional and texturizing spray hairspray.

Versatile and effective work tool, it contains texture, hold and protection actions in a single formula.

Blonde Infusion

A specific line for blonde and bleached hair

The best of technology at the service of hair well-being. For a healthy and perfect blond.

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You will also receive an complete product overview which you can customize with your branding. You can choose the white ones or the black ones with the possibility of closures of the same color or with gold or steel effect chrome inserts.

Easy Brands catalogue

Easy Brands catalogue Hair Lust

Training courses

Collaboration between Easy Brand® and Biguine was created to offer all professionals in the sector a series of professional courses aimed at updating and getting to know the new techniques of the trade

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